Only the best burger on earth

Usually I don’t eat things that are bigger than my head. But…

We can’t talk about Indianapolis without mentioning the wonderful nearby town of Carmel, especially its quaint downtown main street and Bub’s Burgers.

Located in an old house right on the Monon Trail, Bub’s is a noisy, family-filled restaurant with small tables, rolls of paper towels, and walls covered with photos of people who have managed to polish off the Big Ugly—a one-pounder between a fresh bakery bun that barely covers the meat.

This visit, Dan and I split the Big Ugly elk Burger. Yes, elk. (Don’t think about how they kind of look like reindeer.) Juicy, seasoned perfectly, charbroiled, and the size of your face. The bun from the local bakery is buttery and toasted and too small for the patty but enough bread.

The menu is limited, but people come for the burgers. Try the Not So Ugly (1/2 pound) and the Settle for Less Than Ugly (1/4 pound) if you have a smaller appetite.

If you can find room for a side, the waffle fries and onion rings are always hot and tasty. There’s a selection of interesting beer; the Ranger is very citrusy with a bitter grapefruit bite at the end. Bub’s also has a small ice cream shoppe. Good ice cream, but that’s not what makes Bub’s at the top or our Indy list. The elk burger is.

This is only HALF a burger. The waitress gave Dan an extra bottom bun to hold it.







Eat outside when the weather is nice. (These are other people’s children; ours are home eating Hot Pockets.)

A walk on the Monon Trail, which runs right alongside the restaurant is good for the digestion and a chance to enjoy a little quiet after the clamor of the happy Bub’s crowd.


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  1. […] were in Carmel, IN this weekend and stopped at our fave burger place Bub’s. It was Dad’s first elk burger. We split the Big Ugly three […]

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