Indianapolis…or, as my daughter calls it, Indiana-apolis

According to Lonely Planet: “snore-evoking.” According to me and Dan: home away from homes (Chicago and Kentucky). It’s exactly half way between our houses and was a natural choice for our first anniversary in 2009.

Makes your head spin

The city is divided into districts, one of our favorites being the artsy area of Broad Ripple. Bookshops, old homes turned into cafes and coffeehouses, pubs, shops with stuff we look at but never buy, art galleries, vintage clothing and resale stores. Also more salons than I’ve even seen. This pic was taken after Dan got his hair cut at a place called Running with Scissors. The spinning mannequin head in the window caught my eye…

Turkish Delight

We’ve tried just about every hole in the wall we can find in Indy. (For those who love the places that don’t come in coupon books, check out our other posts.) We tried this hookah place to celebrate our 1st year of being married (to each other).

Yes, dear, I’m being a tourist and taking a picture of your platter of Turkish delights.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Traveling isn’t only about food. It’s about culture. It’s about expanding your worldview. It’s about learning stuff… And a very cool place to do that is the IMA–Indianapolis Museum of Art. One of the most impressive aspects of this cultural attraction is that it is FREE. Yay! for those of us who would travel on a shoestring budget if we could afford shoestrings!

From Rembrandts to modern art you’ll never understand to lovely gardens to stroll, the IMA is only a few minute’s drive from the Circle (downtown). Check out this work of art…

He’s a husband and a water feature.

One of my other favorites is inside the museum and, strangely enough, also has a water theme…hm…it’s an incredible painting called “Christ in the Storm.”  (You have to see it in real life to hear the waves.)

And if I had a big house and if I were a little weirder than I already am, I would SO have this window in my house. It’s HUGE. (Right now my friend Carrie is saying “A Tiffany window, you’d have a Tiffany window?! This thinking is caused by the same mental impairment that makes you eat ice cream with fruit instead of caramel!”)


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