Places that spark a young imagination…and a middle-aged one

Think about the first place you visited that made you open your eyes WIDE. Where was it? (Share in the comments!)

You were probably a kid. I was when I first went here…

The Field Museum in Chicago. Think “Night at the Museum” movie set. Except we went during the day.

It’s cool to still be amazed by something you first saw as a kid. The building, inside and out, is as big as I remember. Those marble steps leading up to the Ionic columns and bronze doors promise something even more wondrous within. If you’re the type of traveler who enjoys architecture, this neoclassical structure should be at the top of your list. But we know it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Did you know? During the Museum’s construction, the U.S. Army intended to modify the building in order to use it for a convalescent hospital for returning wounded soldiers from World War I.

My favorite exhibits–still–are the mummies and the dinosaurs. OK, so I’ve seen the mummified cats a bazillion times, but you can never see too many mummy pets. I do miss the creepy cavemen dioramas that freaked me out as a kid. Is that Neanderthal looking at me like he’s hungry?

Then there is Sue. With her huge teeth and little bitty arms, she is the largest and most complete T. rex ever discovered and has attracted millions of visitors since 2000 when she was unveiled in all her bony glory.

Run children!

So Sue’s big fat head was too heavy for the rest of the skeleton and is on display in a separate case on the second floor.

Just like an archeologist on her first day, this post only scratches the surface of what you’ll find during a day at the Field Museum. As members, my friend and her family hang out there like other people hang out at the mall (and she kindly shares free passes). Plan accordingly. There are literally millions of artifacts to feed your head and spark the imagination.



  1. Rebecca · · Reply

    Great post, I’ve volunteered and interned at the Field for years and I’ve never stopped being amazed every time I walk through the door!

  2. Thanks! I’ve been visiting there since I was a child. It’s magical, really, it is. How cool that you get to work there…

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