Teaser: Mumford and Sons stopover concert in Dixon, Illinois

I like to think I influenced by children’s exceptional taste in music.

They listen to everything from Japanese instrumental to big band. One kid makes me awesome CD mixes titled “Happy Mother’s Day” and “I’m Sorry” (it’s a long story). One has a crush on Dean Martin. And the youngest has me popping a tent at the Mumford and Sons Gentlemen of the Road stopover concert in Dixon, Illinois, on August 18.

She has this romanticized vision of Woodstock. I have a vision of great blog material. My sister-in-law has a vision of my sleeping in the tent with a can of Mace. (Note: Can of Mace is not the name of a band.)

The event will be an experience, not just a concert. Mumford and Sons headlines, but there are other bands…like, uh, the gypsy cabaret group with the lead singer who looks like Borat and the chick who plays a mean clawhammer banjo (something you apparently use to kill opossum for the post-concert BBQ).

I first heard a Mumford and Sons song sung at church by my pastor. The song was Awake My Soul; the lyrics and melody meloncholic and hushed, but becoming a crescendo of joy and epiphany near the end. Although their songs aren’t “religious,” their lyrics often bring to mind the psalmist’s raw longing when his sin has separated him from God.

Our family enjoys the music of Mumford and Sons, as we have enjoyed many other genres of music. But camping out with other fans, feeling the beat as one pulsating crowd, and reflecting on the day in the quiet of our tent will be inspiration for a song.

You can view the Gentlemen of the Road documentary, or get a Travels (with) aBroad account here after August 18.


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