Two great Indy finds–Calvin Fletcher’s and Reclaimed!

We never cease to find a quirky, fun, delicious, interesting gem in one of Indianapolis’s six cultural districts.

Thank you for pointing us to Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company, 647 Virginia Avenue, south of downtown. Your 96% Like It rating convinced me to try it.

But first, just who is Calvin Fletcher? A little research turns up a historic figure, who contributed much to the formation of one of our favorite cities. He was the first lawyer in Indiana, was deeply religious, opposed slavery, provided his land for training the black troops during the Civil War…and apparently appreciated a good cup of java. A hero in my history book.

Here’s what we liked:

space (albeit a little cold, it has some cozy areas set up throughout, reading nooks, corners for studying)

very friendly barista (he really cares, man) and staff [No, not the guy reading, the guy in the back. My husband is enjoying one of the cozy reading nooks and a travel book about Bangladesh.]

combo for $6.95: excellent chicken salad sandwich (with CHICKEN!), chips, and stellar coffee

stellar coffee (the best my husband–a self-proclaimed coffee snob–and I–a borderline snob–have ever had)

community journals for all to share their thoughts (no matter how sappy…or heartfelt)

and it’s right across the street from this business

RECLAIMED! 630 Virginia Avenue

The exclamation point is important here. That definitely was the appropriate punctuation when I spied this place.

If you’re a treasure hunter, artist, restoration or remodeling fanatic, or just curious, check out Reclaimed. The owner knows his stuff and is passionate about it. He also gave us a cold beer while we chatted about the value of my husband’s tiger wood (the wood not the golfer) mantle and the dangers of answering Craig’s List ads.

Yea, it’s a bit crowded, but there’s NO CRAP!, according to his flier.

We’ll be visiting again in the fall when Reclaimed! partners with a soon-to-be-restored 100-year-old brewery. Antiques and craft beer…I love history.

Thanks for hitting the road with me…


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  1. […] places tend to revolve around food and coffee. (We were so disappointed this trip to find Calvin Fletcher’s closed for a wedding; and my sad face pressed against the glass did nothing to move the selfish […]

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