A shot of artsy in your latte at Monon Coffee

The coffeehouse is bustling and cramped, a noisy grinder behind the counter and a hushed conversation in the back room. The place smells of…well… fresh brewed coffee and baked things wrapped in plastic wrap and sitting temptingly in baskets rather than behind cold glass…inches from our hand as we wait for our White Zombie and Mona Lisa espresso drinks. I grab an apple scone.

My husband immediately spotted his choice on the chalkboard menus that look to me like the tests in my dream I didn’t study for. White(?) coffee beans roasted for high caffeine content or some such and white chocolate. I go right to the source, “I don’t like very sweet drinks.” The barista kindly offers a Mona Lisa flavored with honey. Lovely. You are treated like a regular.

Monon Coffee has two locations in Indianapolis. We are at the one in Broad Ripple, our favorite part of the city we have grown to love more than our own hometowns in Kentucky and the Chicago burbs.

Our travels here tend to connect at some point to joints where we feel at home once we check out of our hotel. Where to go from noon til 3 where we can talk or write or read together before we part ways as usual until next time?

“Our” places tend to revolve around food and coffee. (We were so disappointed this trip to find Calvin Fletcher’s closed for a wedding; and my sad face pressed against the glass did nothing to move the selfish couple).

We eventually move from a tiny table in the back room where out the window we can see groups of what I call modern hippies playing bongos and hula-hooping provocatively, skirts tucked up and bare legs exposed to the October chill. We settle on the dark couch that shows scone crumbs, my husband job searching and I writing about fire suppression for a freelance gig.

My Facebook status becomes,Why is it easier to write in an Indy coffeehouse full of hipsters and artists than in my cubicle at work?

Because of the “vibe”, a friend comments. True. Although I suspect that vibe has more to do with my husband and good coffee.


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  1. Bethany K · · Reply

    Ah. Husbands and good coffee. The best inspiration around. 🙂

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