The Japanese Wisconsin town better known as Sheboygan

On our last trip to the U.P., Meg traced a finger down the map along I-43, which follows the western shore of Lake Michigan.

Shee-boy-GAN, she read.

I could see that our family’s obsession with anime (Japanese animation) had crept into her pronunciation of towns in Wisconsin.

ShahBOYgan, Sweetie, I corrected.

(It is okay that I laughed hysterically at her as she and her sister can always remind me about my Japanese rendition of “namesake,” or as I pronounced it once, nama-SAH-kay.)

But back to Sheboygan, or as the Native Americans called the area, Schwab-we-way-kum, which means “great noise underground” and possibly refers to the rushing sounds of the falls upstream.

I had heard some good things about the town, so on our way home after another trip to the U.P. to see our dear friends, we decided a detour was in order. Detours are the adventures between point A and B. And our definition of adventure is great food finds. With four exits off the interstate to choose from, I looked for the sign that said “historic.” This always proves to be the quaintest or quirkiest area of most towns.

After a couple of miles, we neared the lake, frozen at the shoreline…an icy world with steam rising from the warmer water into the 0 degree air.


We drove up and down the main street and spied Field to Fork, a rustic cafe and grocery serving food made with natural ingredients from local farmers.


There is nothing the gals and I like better than grass-fed meat on the end of a few sharp tines…or in this case between homemade buns and pita bread. “Meat” Meg’s delicious lamb burger.


The menu is unique and varied, but we each ordered some type of ground meat in patty form. I had beef, and Mac tried the bison. Both rich and juicy. The service was excellent, although our waiter took a bit too much pleasure in explaining how much he loved the butt sandwich.

And I love sipping a hefty cup of fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee surrounded by paintings of voluptuous vegetables.



Because it’s important to indulge while traveling, our two-stop progressive lunch ended at the nearby Victorian Chocolate Shoppe. If you are ever there, I hope they have the fresh raspberries dipped in dark chocolate. Chocolate is a perfect ending to lunch and the weekend away.


Thanks for hitting the road with us.




  1. This is so cute – you are darling! I love the She – boy – gan visit!!!

    1. Oh, we laugh about this all the time. We come up with some doozies. It’s a blast traveling with these girls.

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