Travel photography tip #36–don’t do this

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

I love my parents. They aren’t incredibly tech-savvy, but they try. They also don’t mind being inspiration for my blogs.

So thanks Mom and Dad for helping me with this post on the importance of framing a “selfie,” (or self-portrait for you fellow not-so-tech-savvy travelers).

Here’s Mom and Dad’s first-ever travel selfie. (Or so I thought…)

photo 2

  1. Sidelit by the warm Florida sun. Check.
  2. Holding the phone centered between them. Check.
  3. Camera circle-thingy level with their faces. Check.
  4. Big smiles that say, “Even though you are in Chicago where it is -5 with 8 inches of snow on the ground, we are going to tell you it is a chilly 62 degrees here, requiring us to wear our Disney World lightweight jackets.” CHECK.

Despite #4, I was still impressed with my father’s selfie skills.

Minutes later I received the following photo with this note: “Actually, this was my first attempt.”

photo 1

Thanks for another lesson to live by, Mom and Dad.



  1. You have cool parents – I love their big smiles – and not a bad selfie, either!

    1. The second pic is funny to me, too, because when we have to find Mom in Target, we look for her hair.

  2. They know how to have fun and how to make fun for others.

    1. They are definitely good sports. Thanks for reading and commenting, Cheryl!

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