Scouting out Asheville, North Carolina

Between (formerly) working a full-time job, building my freelance writing business, and writing a book, sharing my travels has obviously been low on the priority list. Actually, so has traveling.

So much for the freelancer’s dream of being mobile. But dreams live on…

In the fall we ventured for the second time to the Asheville, NC area. This time to do more serious “scouting” for a future hometown. We hit Waynesville, Burnsville, Mars Hill, Marion, and Black Mountain…and a few others along the circle we made.

Asheville is becoming pricier by the day, but it’s still one of our favorite places to hang out.  And I found this minimalist and comfy Airbnb run by a lovely fiddler/builder who I would probably be friends with if she would have me.

We ended up there because my husband refused to stay in the country at the place with the composting toilet and the guy named “Tree” (just because I happened to mention he was good looking for his age). Interestingly, the city of Asheville no longer allows people to buy property for the purpose of Airbnb rental.

I was especially determined to hike at least one trail during the 5-day weekend. See that twisted tree in the photos? I have had that as a screen saver for the past two years and finally saw it in real life one drizzly afternoon on Craggy Mountain. It’s an easy climb to the top for fairly healthy and sober people.

As usual, we hit some great restaurants in the city. Don’t miss Sunny Point Cafe (get there early!) and Biscuit Head (get there early!)


We also enjoyed White Duck Tacos and Pack’s Tavern.


I’m not sure when this dream will become reality, but I’ve got the mountain bug and am weary of the Chicago suburbia view of the neighboring condo unit and mall. Bleh.

I’m ready for my screen saver view.



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