Sunday marked the last day of one of our local farmer’s market. Having discovered this gem far too late in the season, I had to say goodbye to friendly vendors who still treated me like a regular customer and to the tarts sold by the nun. (Please tell me the irony is not lost on […]

The coffeehouse is bustling and cramped, a noisy grinder behind the counter and a hushed conversation in the back room. The place smells of…well… fresh brewed coffee and baked things wrapped in plastic wrap and sitting temptingly in baskets rather than behind cold glass…inches from our hand as we wait for our White Zombie and […]

Dixon, Illinois, known for: Chief Black Hawk…Rock River…Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home…and now–the location of Mumford and Son’s only camping stopover on our favorite band’s Gentlemen of the Road Tour…oh, AND… …our weekend excursion, affectionately dubbed our Gentlewomen of the Road trip (apologies to my husband who put up with wife and step-daughter in a tent […]

We never cease to find a quirky, fun, delicious, interesting gem in one of Indianapolis’s six cultural districts. Thank you for pointing us to Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company, 647 Virginia Avenue, south of downtown. Your 96% Like It rating convinced me to try it. But first, just who is Calvin Fletcher? A little research […]

I have spent most of my adult life thinking, “I’ll never go to New York City,” so back in March we hopped on a plane to Islip, and two days later we were on a train to the city. THE city. The one Sinatra sang about. New York was not on my list of places […]

One of the best travel options is to visit friends. If you don’t have any, make some, preferably friends who live near the water so you can not only enjoy their company–and hopefully they can enjoy their company–but you can do stuff like drag your children behind a pontoon at break-neck speed. Menominee, in the […]

The beauty of travel exists not so much in the landscape as in the people who make their lives in that place. When we engage with those people, if only to ask one genuine question or listen to a synopsis of their story, we carry that place back with us, not just in photos or […]

Only 45 minutes from our Chicago-suburban home in Illinois is a nice stretch of Lake Michigan beach over the border in Indiana. We time the day to begin with lunch at Depot Dog, which we affectionately refer to as the “weenie wagon.” Because my stepdaughter is learning German, we began this year to calling it […]

I like to think I influenced by children’s exceptional taste in music. They listen to everything from Japanese instrumental to big band. One kid makes me awesome CD mixes titled “Happy Mother’s Day” and “I’m Sorry” (it’s a long story). One has a crush on Dean Martin. And the youngest has me popping a tent […]

Think about the first place you visited that made you open your eyes WIDE. Where was it? (Share in the comments!) You were probably a kid. I was when I first went here… The Field Museum in Chicago. Think “Night at the Museum” movie set. Except we went during the day. It’s cool to still be […]